The Most Important Features When Buying a Bluetooth Speaker

Portability – There are a lot of small speakers right now. They even have woofer and tweeters which make sound crisper and louder. Portability is a major factor for small speaker systems. Portability means that you cannot just take it with you but also be able to use the speaker unplugged. Being able to take the speaker with you to the beach with friends, or latch your speaker to your backpack, or put it in your garden is what makes for the best outdoor bluetooth speakers

AudiospeakerBattery Life – How long will your speaker last if used unplugged and paired with a Bluetooth device. Battery life usually last from 8 hours to 12 hours. But there are portable speaker systems which can last up to 15 hours of use. Battery life may vary depending on the type of usage.

Design – It’s all about style! A stylish portable speaker is also most likely to sell. An avant-garde design, a classic design, a sleek compact design can greatly contribute to making a portable speaker a best seller. One favorite build design of users is water resist capability which makes for the best waterproof bluetooth speakers.This allows users to take their portable speakers to the beach or the pool. The build of the speaker can look like a box, a shoe, a pill or whatnot. Bottom line, design appeals to personal preference in the end.

Connectivity – How do you connect your music player to your speaker, through a 3.5mm jack? This is the usual way of connecting a device to a speaker. Or do you connect it through a docking station? What about other forms of connectivity? The best seller feature of portable speakers now should have connectivity through NFC or Bluetooth. Being able to pair up your iPhone or Android phone via Bluetooth or NFC is just a great feature of a portable speaker. If a speaker system has this feature, it certainly can be a best seller.

Price – Of course, affordability still matters. A buyer always considers the price when investing in a personal gadget. A buyer can afford to go over a budget if the speaker is of value.
With the competition of a saturated market on portable speakers, it all boils down to these major factors that users would love to have on their speaker system.