Make Up Secrets You Must Learn

There is no perfect rule when it comes to blending shades and colors. It’s all about choosing the perfect match and being able to feel certainly confident that you look gorgeous. Make-up conceals ugly scars, dark blemishes leaving a good looking evenly skin tone like magic. The right words are “total make-over”.

Bring It On With the Right Foundation

It all starts with using the right foundation. The thing is, it’s either you hit the best pick or miss it. How to choose the best foundation for your skin tone? Foremost, take small amount of foundation and apply at the center of your check to the jaw line. Let it stay around 10 to 15 minutes to reveal how the foundation reacts with body heat and natural facial oils. The perfect shade should be barely noticeable on your face. Don’t pick a foundation that would make you look lighter or darker. It deters your natural look. When the shade is too light, it will make you look exhausted and pale. Otherwise, wearing darker shades will appear like mask on your skin.

Have you ever tried picking two different brands of the same shade yet when you try it on one could a better match than the other? It’s astonishing how to similar foundation shades look differently on your skin. This is because foundations have different undertones, the color underneath your skin’s surface.

The skin color may change on the surface due to excessive exposure to the sun which makes one lighter on a shady or cooler season than one hot summer or spring. However, the undertone remains. There are four categories as suggested by WP Fashionista: cool, warm, neutral and olive. Cool gives pink, red and bluish undertones which are best for individuals with dark skin tone. Yellow or golden for warm undertones look perfect for Asian skin.  Neutral and olive offer a mix of warm and cool undertones.

Although, there is no definite way to test the undertone, the vein and white fabric test can help a lot. In doing the vein test, simply check the color of your veins. If your veins look green, a warm undertone suits you. Otherwise, if your veins appear blue, the cool undertone is a perfect match. But if you can’t say it’s either green or blue, go for neutral undertone.

The next test is the white fabric test. Wrap your head with a white towel. Otherwise tie your hair tightly away from your face. Drape a white cloth around your neck covering your shoulders too. Don’t forget to wash your skin. Examine your skin closely. The white cloth should reveal your true color. If your face looks yellow, use warm undertone. If it gives a blue tone, pick a cook undertone. Be sure to do this using an incandescent light since some lights may give off other shade. A bulb light can make your skin appear yellow while fluorescent lights give a greenish tint.