All About Peacocks

Did you know that the proper name for a female peacock is actually a peahen? A peacock is the term used to classify males, and peachicks are the offspring. Many people tend to generalize all of these beautiful birds as a peacock, but that is in fact incorrect. The proper term for this species of bird is actually a peafowl. Only the males are actually peacocks. Regardless, this rare bird is one of the most beautiful species to ever roam our planet. Two of these species derive from Asia and one from Africa. These are known as the Congo Peafowl, Green Peafowl and the Indian Peafowl. The Indian peacocks, the national bird of India, have majestic feathers of iridescent blues and greens covered with what looks like eyes. These are best seen when the peacock spreads its tail in what is known as the train. It is said that these eyes are a symbol of God’s eye by many Christian. This dates back to the Ancient Greeks that believed this species of bird were immortal and that they did not decay after death. You will often find the image of peacocks among many ancient art forms and it is still often used as a symbol at Easter.

These mysterious creatures are omnivores, which mean they eat both plants and animals. Typically they prefer insects, flowers, seats, amphibians, etc.  Their can reach up to 5 feet in length, including the tail, and can weigh between 8-13 lbs making them one of the largest of the flying birds. The females will lay anywhere between three to five eggs at a time and the peachicks will hatch after 28 days.

These ornamentals birds are becoming more and more of a thing in modern culture. You might recall Katy Perry singing about them, “I wanna see your peacock. Cock. Cock. Your peacock…”. Although this song was met with mostly negative criticism due to the relationship with the male genitalia and compared to the likes of the song “Mickey”, there were many people that jumped on the bandwagon. Even still, after that song was released, there was a strike in popularity among peacock costumes for Halloween. There is something about these rare beauties that are mystical. These vibrant colors are not found too often of an animal or bird of their size. Of course, every woman vies for those same traits so who wouldn’t want to dress up as a peacock for Halloween? Additionally, there is even a clothing brand for women named after this famous bird. It is UK-based and one of the leading budget fashion retailers in the country.

As with anything good, someone is now out to kill them in a California residential area of Los Angeles. Over 50 have turned up dead, shot by a pellet gun, in the past two years. Many residents state that although beautiful, these birds are nothing but noisy pests that are loud at night and leave quite a mess behind. Others residents, on the other hand, treat them as their own. Many of these birds will take a liking to a certain property, and with any luck, will be somewhat adopted. These are the people disgusted with this sort of crime and want the killer to be found and prosecuted. They’ve released a sketch of the man responsible for at least one of these heinous crimes, and although investigators have received a lot of prank calls, they are still pushing through with this case to put an end to these murders. I’m not sure who could want to kill a creature so beautiful, but there are a lot of screwed up people in this world.