Recycling Electronics

There is a growing concern about the amount of trash that is piling up in our landfills. We produce a lot of trash and most all of it can be recycled so that it does not continue to pile up. Luckily, many of us have started to recycle plastics, glass, paper products, and more, but there is still room for improvement in our recycling. You may not realize how much space it takes up, but there is an overwhelming amount of electronic trash piling up. That is why we now need to add recycling electronics to the list of things that everyone should do.

Electronics in Our Landfill

For a lot of people, every time technology changes, they want to upgrade them. Think back to the old VCR players, to DVD players, and then Blue Ray disk players. Add in a new computer every few years, smartphone upgrades, and televisions that have changed from large boxes to flat screens and then smart televisions. What do you do with your outdated items? Chances are good, you may give them away to someone who needs them, but if they are unwanted; you most likely toss them out with your trash. From there, they go to the landfill where they take up a lot of space because they do not rot away and they aren’t always something that landfills want to touch. The metals that they are made with are heavy and old televisions may contain a lot of lead. Therefore, some landfills have a special area where you can put old electronics, but many people still insist on throwing them away in dumpsters. For this reason; many companies are now creating new technology out of the recycled electronics by reusing metals and salvaging the components that they can in an effort to clean up the landfills.

How Electronics are Recycled

The first part in recycling old electronics is disassembly. This often requires the use of an electrician multi tool like these seen here; once they move beyond the plastics or wooden areas and start removing the components. The main goal is to get the lead out of the devices that have it. This process is done by removing everything surrounding it and then putting the CRT tube into a crusher where the glass is busted, sifted down to size and separated from the lead. Once this is achieved, the used lead and glass can be used for items such as x-ray shielding, bullets, or batteries. The rest of the electronics will be sold to other people that can use them. Circuit boards are ground up and then smelted so that we can capture lead, gold, tin, or palladium. Plastics become recycled plastic, steel is turned into scrap metal and reused, wood from old computer desks or entertainment stands may be used as biofuel, and all other parts that can be reused will be.

Recycling electronics is not something that everyone can do. You should allow your landfill the opportunity to separate it out so that they can send it to a recycling center. Immediately, the landfills in your area will start to shrink and you will start making an effort to save our landfills. Just remember; without you, nothing will change.

Importance of Recycling

Landfills are becoming over filled in many countries and it takes up a lot of valuable real estate to create or expand these landfills. The answer to this major problem is to educate people into recycling habits and assist authorities to conserve resources such as energy and real estate.

RecycleSymbolThe biggest problem experienced is that each household produce a huge amount of garbage each year. Although recycling programs in many developed countries ensure that a large percentage of materials like aluminum, plastic, paper, cloth, and wood are collected for recycling the items that is not part of the collection process ends on landfills. Most landfills cause some sort of pollution related problems and is visually not the best landscape feature in any city.

The answer is highly effective recycling programs and proper management of materials suitable for recycling. Recycling offers the following advantages:

It is a means to save the planet.

Implementation of recycling management is vital to protect the environment from eventual destruction and shortage of some key raw materials. Paper, is the perfect example. Pulp is harvested from cutting down natural forests. Recycling of paper can slow this down substantially. All countries with a proper recycling management plan can reduce the number of trees that is cut down to produce paper products.RecycleBin

Recycling can reduce the demand for energy.

It is a proven fact that recycling processes consume less energy that extracting the material from the raw material. This takes into account the mining for raw material, transporting it between the various steps before it is transformed into the final product. Recycling cuts down a number of steps in this process and saves valuable time, pollution, investments and energy.

Recycling plays a big part in reducing pollution and its impact on Global warming.

Pollution and green house gas emissions that came from factories can be greatly impacted and reduced with a manageable recycling plan. Using recycled products cut down on raw materials having to be processes, this implies less energy and use of other resources that could produce harmful gasses during the production phase. Another big factor is non-biodegradable waste that was traditionally burned can now be recycled. This was a big source of pollution and greenhouse gasses. All this savings can have a big influence on the earth’s ozone layer.

Recycling reduce the demand for landfills.

Landfills are normally filled with non-biodegradable waste. This type of waste has an extremely long life before it will naturally decompose. Absorbing these waste materials into a recycling program will decrease the pressure on landfills and on real estate needs for future landfills. The biggest problems for the environment are with hazardous materials and non-biodegradable materials and the sooner we reduce these amounts to landfills, the better.

The financial implications offered by recycling.

There are numerous financial advantages to be gained from recycling. Entrepreneurs can collect and sell materials suitable for recycling. Producers can re-use some materials previously dumped. The market price for products made from recycled materials is usually lower reflecting the savings gained in the process using recycled materials instead of raw materials.


A Better Way to Recycle Batteries

When thinking of our environment and all the concerns that come along with caring for it, most people do not consider the batteries that we rely on. This may include those extremely popular AA batteries, car batteries, and marine batteries. We use these things constantly and unfortunately, they do lose their charge, get thrown away, and take up space in local landfills. Perhaps, if you care about the world around you and preserving it for future generations, you should consider the ways to properly dispose of your batteries or at the very least, buy batteries that are made to last longer.

Disposing Your Batteries

HomebatteryOlder batteries use to pose a major threat to our environment because they did contain mercury. Now, the mercury that is inside of our regular AA batteries is thought to be less of an environmental threat. However, for anyone trying to save the world, you can send them to a household hazardous waste facility where they will properly dispose of it and possibly recycle it into a usable battery again.

A lot of places will not allow people to dispose of a vehicle or marine batteries in their landfill. This means that when you buy a new battery you have the option to return your old battery for them to dispose of it. This service may or may not cost you, but the used batteries still have to go somewhere. Instead of taking a chance that you will have to pay more or damage the environment, why not play it safe and create less batteries to recycle?

Cause Less Wasted Batteries

Instead of replacing your marine battery every season, why not purchase a deep cycle marine battery? They have the ability to last much longer than regular batteries. The longer you are able to use a single battery, one that does not have cells that go bad quickly, you are saving money and doing your part to save the landfills from your battery.Powersonic

Why Choose Deep Cycle Marine Batteries?

These batteries are built to last. Some have 750 cold cranking amps and a 120 minute reserve capacity. They may have 220 Amp-hours and six volts and others may have in excess of 2,000 watts. Obviously, the more you are able to spend on a marine battery the better, but either way, you cannot beat the amount of cranking amps and charges that you can put this battery through while it continues to pump out and hold its juice.

As an added bonus, most of these marine batteries are also usable in your car, truck, RV or other vehicles. This means you could have one in each and always feel certain that you have the amps to go on. Even if you forget to turn out your headlights or your kids leave the car door ajar. If you have top posts on your battery and top posts on your vehicle’s battery, take the marine battery and swap it around. It will work regardless of what you put it inside of.

Are you ready to do yourself and your future generations a huge favor by getting a marine battery that will not stop until you are done?

The Most Important Features When Buying a Bluetooth Speaker

Portability – There are a lot of small speakers right now. They even have woofer and tweeters which make sound crisper and louder. Portability is a major factor for small speaker systems. Portability means that you cannot just take it with you but also be able to use the speaker unplugged. Being able to take the speaker with you to the beach with friends, or latch your speaker to your backpack, or put it in your garden is what makes for the best outdoor bluetooth speakers

AudiospeakerBattery Life – How long will your speaker last if used unplugged and paired with a Bluetooth device. Battery life usually last from 8 hours to 12 hours. But there are portable speaker systems which can last up to 15 hours of use. Battery life may vary depending on the type of usage.

Design – It’s all about style! A stylish portable speaker is also most likely to sell. An avant-garde design, a classic design, a sleek compact design can greatly contribute to making a portable speaker a best seller. One favorite build design of users is water resist capability which makes for the best waterproof bluetooth speakers.This allows users to take their portable speakers to the beach or the pool. The build of the speaker can look like a box, a shoe, a pill or whatnot. Bottom line, design appeals to personal preference in the end.

Connectivity – How do you connect your music player to your speaker, through a 3.5mm jack? This is the usual way of connecting a device to a speaker. Or do you connect it through a docking station? What about other forms of connectivity? The best seller feature of portable speakers now should have connectivity through NFC or Bluetooth. Being able to pair up your iPhone or Android phone via Bluetooth or NFC is just a great feature of a portable speaker. If a speaker system has this feature, it certainly can be a best seller.

Price – Of course, affordability still matters. A buyer always considers the price when investing in a personal gadget. A buyer can afford to go over a budget if the speaker is of value.
With the competition of a saturated market on portable speakers, it all boils down to these major factors that users would love to have on their speaker system.


All About Peacocks

Did you know that the proper name for a female peacock is actually a peahen? A peacock is the term used to classify males, and peachicks are the offspring. Many people tend to generalize all of these beautiful birds as a peacock, but that is in fact incorrect. The proper term for this species of bird is actually a peafowl. Only the males are actually peacocks. Regardless, this rare bird is one of the most beautiful species to ever roam our planet. Two of these species derive from Asia and one from Africa. These are known as the Congo Peafowl, Green Peafowl and the Indian Peafowl. The Indian peacocks, the national bird of India, have majestic feathers of iridescent blues and greens covered with what looks like eyes. These are best seen when the peacock spreads its tail in what is known as the train. It is said that these eyes are a symbol of God’s eye by many Christian. This dates back to the Ancient Greeks that believed this species of bird were immortal and that they did not decay after death. You will often find the image of peacocks among many ancient art forms and it is still often used as a symbol at Easter.

These mysterious creatures are omnivores, which mean they eat both plants and animals. Typically they prefer insects, flowers, seats, amphibians, etc.  Their can reach up to 5 feet in length, including the tail, and can weigh between 8-13 lbs making them one of the largest of the flying birds. The females will lay anywhere between three to five eggs at a time and the peachicks will hatch after 28 days.

These ornamentals birds are becoming more and more of a thing in modern culture. You might recall Katy Perry singing about them, “I wanna see your peacock. Cock. Cock. Your peacock…”. Although this song was met with mostly negative criticism due to the relationship with the male genitalia and compared to the likes of the song “Mickey”, there were many people that jumped on the bandwagon. Even still, after that song was released, there was a strike in popularity among peacock costumes for Halloween. There is something about these rare beauties that are mystical. These vibrant colors are not found too often of an animal or bird of their size. Of course, every woman vies for those same traits so who wouldn’t want to dress up as a peacock for Halloween? Additionally, there is even a clothing brand for women named after this famous bird. It is UK-based and one of the leading budget fashion retailers in the country.

As with anything good, someone is now out to kill them in a California residential area of Los Angeles. Over 50 have turned up dead, shot by a pellet gun, in the past two years. Many residents state that although beautiful, these birds are nothing but noisy pests that are loud at night and leave quite a mess behind. Others residents, on the other hand, treat them as their own. Many of these birds will take a liking to a certain property, and with any luck, will be somewhat adopted. These are the people disgusted with this sort of crime and want the killer to be found and prosecuted. They’ve released a sketch of the man responsible for at least one of these heinous crimes, and although investigators have received a lot of prank calls, they are still pushing through with this case to put an end to these murders. I’m not sure who could want to kill a creature so beautiful, but there are a lot of screwed up people in this world.

Make Up Secrets You Must Learn

There is no perfect rule when it comes to blending shades and colors. It’s all about choosing the perfect match and being able to feel certainly confident that you look gorgeous. Make-up conceals ugly scars, dark blemishes leaving a good looking evenly skin tone like magic. The right words are “total make-over”.

Bring It On With the Right Foundation

It all starts with using the right foundation. The thing is, it’s either you hit the best pick or miss it. How to choose the best foundation for your skin tone? Foremost, take small amount of foundation and apply at the center of your check to the jaw line. Let it stay around 10 to 15 minutes to reveal how the foundation reacts with body heat and natural facial oils. The perfect shade should be barely noticeable on your face. Don’t pick a foundation that would make you look lighter or darker. It deters your natural look. When the shade is too light, it will make you look exhausted and pale. Otherwise, wearing darker shades will appear like mask on your skin.

Have you ever tried picking two different brands of the same shade yet when you try it on one could a better match than the other? It’s astonishing how to similar foundation shades look differently on your skin. This is because foundations have different undertones, the color underneath your skin’s surface.

The skin color may change on the surface due to excessive exposure to the sun which makes one lighter on a shady or cooler season than one hot summer or spring. However, the undertone remains. There are four categories as suggested by WP Fashionista: cool, warm, neutral and olive. Cool gives pink, red and bluish undertones which are best for individuals with dark skin tone. Yellow or golden for warm undertones look perfect for Asian skin.  Neutral and olive offer a mix of warm and cool undertones.

Although, there is no definite way to test the undertone, the vein and white fabric test can help a lot. In doing the vein test, simply check the color of your veins. If your veins look green, a warm undertone suits you. Otherwise, if your veins appear blue, the cool undertone is a perfect match. But if you can’t say it’s either green or blue, go for neutral undertone.

The next test is the white fabric test. Wrap your head with a white towel. Otherwise tie your hair tightly away from your face. Drape a white cloth around your neck covering your shoulders too. Don’t forget to wash your skin. Examine your skin closely. The white cloth should reveal your true color. If your face looks yellow, use warm undertone. If it gives a blue tone, pick a cook undertone. Be sure to do this using an incandescent light since some lights may give off other shade. A bulb light can make your skin appear yellow while fluorescent lights give a greenish tint.


Earn Extra Cash & Travel

There are plenty of ways to put a little extra cash in your pocket that people often forget about or don’t take advantage of. They complain they don’t have any money to put into savings or take that weekend getaway they’ve been dying to take. The truth is all they really have are excuses. People often tell me I’m “lucky” because of the traveling that I do. I want to tell them it’s not “luck” at all actually. My priorities are just different and I make sure that I always have money to travel. Not only are they ways to save money by making sacrifices, but there are ways to earn extra money in addition to your daily nine to five so that you don’t really have to sacrifice much, other than time of course.

If you are looking for ways to cut back on spending, the first thing you can do is to take a look at any bad habits you might have. This could include eating out, drinking beer, smoking, or an addiction to the cinema. If you are the queen of eating out for every meal, make a point to start cooking your own meals. Try just starting with lunch only and pack your own for work. You’d be surprised the extra change that ends up in your bank account by just making a sandwich rather than dropping $10 at Panera Bread. If you are one to pick up a six pack or a bottle of wine every night, cut back to three nights a week. If you average $7/night on alcohol and cut back to 3 days a week, that alone will save you almost $30/week or $120/month. That can cover at least your cell phone bill, if not your electric bill. A trip to the cinema for one person and a popcorn and coke can cost $25. It’s crazy! If you are a weekly movie-goer, try cutting it back to once and month and wait for the others to hit DVD. Rather than take your car to the car wash, wash it yourself. Ride your bicycle instead of driving somewhere to save on gas. There are so many things that we can sacrifice in order to save a little extra money. We all have our vices and bad habits. This doesn’t mean you have to give them up entirely, but cutting back alone can allow you to put that extra money to a greater good.

Another way to earn a little extra cash is to eliminate the clutter from your life. It’s amazing the amount of “junk” we can acquire throughout a lifetime. We fill up our closets with stuff and when they get full, we start filling up the attic or the basement or the garage. Before we know it, our houses our overflowing with stuff we hardly ever even look at, let alone use. Instead of letting this stuff sit in your home, collecting dust and wreaking havoc on your life, why not get rid of it and try to get some money back out of it? It’s amazing how many people would pay for the things you feel are worthless. Someone’s trash is someone else’s treasure, right? There are many ways to go about getting money for your unwanted goods. You can start by taking your clothes and shoes to a consignment shop that will give you a percentage of the money when an item sells. Alternatively, there are shops such as Plato’s Closet that will give you money up front for your items. Although, keep in mind, these items usually have to be in near perfect condition and they are pickier about what they take. More expensive items, like old guns or expensive jewelry you can take to a pawn shop. Just know ahead of time how much they are worth so you don’t get ripped off. A yard sale is always a great way to get rid of things, but it does take a lot of time and planning. Plus, you have to be willing to let your items go for the rock bottom price. Even still, I’ve made close to $1,000 in one weekend of yard sales. Additionally, with the ease and convenience of the internet, there are always ways to sell your items online. The great thing about selling your items on eBay or Craigslist is that you can reach so many more people and finding someone willing to pay what you want is a lot easier. It’s also easier to stay firm on a price from behind a computer screen when someone is trying to haggle you. In less than a week, I made $500 from selling a set of Bose outdoor speakers and an old desktop Dell computer on Craigslist. Both items had been sitting in my house unused so I figured I’d rather have the money in my pocket. I bought myself a flight to Chicago for a long weekend and didn’t even have to put in much effort.

In addition to cutting back on spending and selling your stuff, there are always jobs you can pick up that do not require a lot of time or effort. For example, if you excelled in a particular school subject you can start tutoring for a few extra hours a week. This is a great side job because you can make your own schedule and work as little as you want or as much as you want. Another option is to offer to pet sit or dog-walk for friends, family or neighbors when they go out of town. Who doesn’t want to get paid to hang out with some cuddly fur babies?

Important Health Tips for the Fitness Junkie

Having a healthy diet complements workouts and you will achieve the result that you want by combining the two. Food rich in protein like lean meats, and red meats, together with vegetables are the ideal meals for muscle gain and weight loss. The best carbohydrates are likewise good in maintaining a healthy diet. But, a healthy diet does not lead to staying away from everything that is known as bad for you. Just remember that everything in moderation is the best.

Improving Your Physical Fitness with the Right Information

It does  not matter if you are informed about the things that will affect your fitness level, reading information about fitness makes a great difference. It is much easier to become informed about the choices that you will make concerning your diet and exercise programs.

Continuous efforts to carry out some exercises will have a better effect on making sure that your bones will stay stronger longer. You might already know this, that the main concern is for women and the occurrence of osteoporosis. One way of preventing it is through regular exercise. It will reduce the severity of the problems, and if you have stronger bones, there is a lesser possibility that you will get injured. Research inversion table reviewsto see how to improve your spine. Your bone health is something that you depend upon with the things you do, although sometimes we take our bones for granted until we encounter some problems. There are lots of reasons why you need to keep healthy and this is something that you need to consider.

Visualizing What You Want to Achieve

Olympic athletes have used this technique and is very effective. Having a strong visualization skills can help you produce the actual physical outcomes if you go out there and carry out the things that you do. To achieve maximum results it is best that you combine the two, and that is how it should work. You can utilize visualization in various ways. You can imagine yourself enjoying your workout before you start with your actual exercise session. You can also imagine yourself how you will look and feel if you obtain your dream weight or other fitness goals.

Getting Fit All Through Out the Year

If you are living in an area with four seasons, then you have to choose the right workouts for you depending on the seasons. If it is winter, think about the exercises that is best during this season. Keep in mind that if you are physically fit, you will have a lesser chance of getting hurt. It is best that you should be consistent with your workouts every week. It is much healthier and safer to exercise regularly so you are in good shape for your favorite sports.

You also need to work on your mental game since it involves health and exercise. As soon as you start discovering the things that you need to know, this will give you more time to work with it. So in order to keep healthy and fit, you need to take the right supplement, carry out the right exercises, and have a healthy diet.